Facebook India, Facebook Groups – A place for women to connect

More than a billion people use groups every month to connect. In India, over 80M people use Groups each month in India. While there have been debates on skewed gender ratio on Facebook, the challenge was to bring to life stories of women, who are in fact safely using the social media platform to bring build communities, uplifting each other and reach their goals together. That’s how ‘Facebook Groups – A Place where women connect’ campaign came into being. An idea conceptualized, pitched and brought to life by us, it was first of its kind user event hosted by Facebook globally. Our strategy was to bring select women users together on a platform to talk about their positive experiences about how they worked for their cause collectively with other women using Facebook via a user event. We also showcased “Groups” as an engaging product by talking about its features via a media roundtable and strategic interviews with the Global product manager.

ClientFacebookServicesPublic Relations, Public AdvocacyYear2017